Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Premium Quality MOLFIX Diaper, Pocket Friendly Prices!

Molfix is made in Turkey with premium quality material, soft and well elasticated at the sides to prevent leakages, does not cause rashes at all, never smells even when wet, absorbs beautifully and keeps the baby very comfortable. One of the numerous beauties of this diaper is the price. Great quality, yet pocket friendly prices.

Mothers (and Fathers too) don't we all know how frustrating and painful it is to watch our babies cry as a result of painful diaper rashes and how embarrassing and inconveniencing it can be to have a leaking diaper when you are out with your adorable little one. What about those diapers that don't absorb well and others that leak, or the ones that get so heavy once they are wet that they make our babies super uncomfortable! All these issues and the issue of very expensive 'quality' diaper have been taken care of with the introduction of MOLFIX diaper.

Please place your order on this page or call the number below or leave a comment on the comment session and we'll contact you:

0809 867 4448

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Yimiton's Blog: Making knee pads for your crawling baby

Yimiton's Blog: Making knee pads for your crawling baby

I made knee pads for my crawling son who kept grazing his poor knees and Mummies kept asking me where I got them from, so I thought to myself, hay, why don't I share how I made them here. I had earlier shared it on yimiton's blog, so all you need to do is click on the link and you will get the full gist of how to make these protective gears for your little one.

Happy sewing.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How to stop babies from thumb or pacifier sucking

Some babies learn the art of sucking from the womb and master it in the first few weeks of their lives on earth or learn to suck as soon as they are born. Sooner or later, the finger sucking becomes a habit which is usually very very hard to break. The only good thing about babies that suck is that they always seem to be at peace and can easily sleep on their own without fussing. This also applies to babies that use pacifiers. The big issue, however is always how to suck and which is the lesser evil, pacifier or thumb. 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Teething Wahala. Mothers please your advise is needed.

My little one is cutting his teeth but it seems like he's going through a lot of wahala to get the teeth out. 

My regular playful, happy, jovial and independent baby who usually prefers to play on his own than to be carried now cries that I should carry him most times. He has become so clingy. The most painful part is when he wakes up suddenly at night and starts crying. He has also been sucking his fingers like no man's business, sometimes, putting the whole of his fist in his mouth.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Welcome to my Child and I

Mothers, this blog is all about you and your sweet little ones, it's about the sweet experiences and the challenges you (and fathers too) face in bringing up your little ones. It's a place to seek advice, share yours, tell people what to expect, share tips on where to shop for the little darlings, parties and all other baby gists.